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Karelim López has security 24 hours a day, but it does not reach his relatives, clarifies PNP

Karelim López's lawyer: Zamir Villaverde is still in prison because he has not been able to prove his statements

The head of the Anti-Money Laundering Directorate of the Police, General PNP Jhonny Véliz, affirmed that the lobbyist He has permanent security 24 hours a day, although he clarified that it does not reach his relatives.

In statements to Canal N, he reported that it has been arranged to reinforce the security of the now effective collaborator, after she received an envelope with ammunition and gunpowder, in addition to a printed letter with death threats last Monday.

“Yes [hemos dispuesto reforzar la seguridad] We have provisions to make this type of service a little more cautious, more persevering and we have coordinated with the interested party”he expressed.

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“Nope [alcanza a su familia]is directly to the effective collaborator”he added, specifying that police personnel are permanently at López’s home before any movement he makes.

“Through the Money Laundering Directorate we have assigned six officers who work shifts of eight hours. We also have coordination with the sector police station and other units”he underlined.

“Regarding the address, we must also make it clear that there are other actions carried out by the Police. They are more discreet actions, with greater reserve that are also permanently in her home, emphasizing that the fiscal provision imposes personal protection on said lady ”he added.

The head of the Police Anti-Money Laundering Directorate, PNP General Jhonny Véliz, reported that Karelim López’s security has been reinforced. (Video: Channel N)

As is recalled, César Nakazaki, a lawyer from karelim lopezrevealed that inside the envelope sent to the house of his client, in addition to ammunition and gunpowder, there was a printed letter in which he was threatened with death.

“You and your friends from the press unleashed everything now you will not be able to save yourself, you are only waiting to die. Get ready, you’re already dead, you and your bastards.”reads the message left on his door and that was found at his home.


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