Kalashnikov rifle factory in Venezuela will not be a reality in 2022

Kalashnikov rifle factory in Venezuela will not be a reality in 2022

The contract for the Kalashnikov rifle factory was signed between Venezuela and Russia in 2001 and it was promised that it would be ready by 2022

The Kalashnikov arms consortium announced this Friday, May 27, that the AK-103 rifle and ammunition factory, which has been announcing its construction in Venezuela for years, will also not come into force during 2022.

This was stated by the general director of the Kalashnikov consortium, Vladimir Lepin, who indicated that the project planned to be installed in Venezuela does not enter into operations due to logistical problems.

By September 2021, the Russians had indicated that it was approaching the delivery of the factory of AK-103 assault rifles and 7.62X39 ammunition in Venezuela. A month earlier, in August of that year, the Russian company said that the process was well advanced.

In December of that year, the spokeswoman for the Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) of Russia, Valeria Reshetnikova, reported that “Russian specialists have started to prepare the process equipment and assembly lines. We hope to carry out its launch in 2022 ».

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The Russian-Venezuelan agreement for the construction of the plant was signed in 2006, but its execution has been hampered both by corruption scandals and by US sanctions on Venezuela.

It was in 2001 when the contract to produce Kalashnikov weapons and ammunition in Venezuela was signed. In October of this year, the special envoy of the Presidency, Adán Chávez, visited Moscow and pointed out that the government of Nicolás Maduro hopes that the construction works of the Kalashnikov rifle factory will be completed in the second half of 2022.

The agency EFE He recalled that the former Russian senator Sergei Popelniújov, whose company was in charge of carrying out the project, in 2017 was sentenced to seven years of pressure for the theft of more than 1,000 million rubles, about 16 million dollars at the exchange rate of that time .

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