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Justice turns actor José Dumont’s arrest into preventive

The Justice of Rio de Janeiro converted today (16) into preventive detention, the arrest of actor José Dumont, 72 years old, and winner of several awards in more than 40 years of career. The decision is made by judge Antonio Luiz da Fonsêca Lucchese who transformed the red-handed arrest in preventive detention of the artist during custody hearing. He is suspected of acquiring, possessing and storing child pornography images. Justice turns actor José Dumont's arrest into preventive

In the decision, the magistrate considered it necessary to convert the detention into preventive, due to the seriousness of the crimes committed.

“Civil police officers, when carrying out a search and seizure warrant against the accused, would have found on his cell phone and computer images and videos of children and adolescents in the practice of lewd acts. It should be noted that around 240 files were found, including images and videos, which indicates criminal reiteration, in addition to a bank transfer to an alleged victim of the procedure”, wrote the judge.

According to the magistrate, the precautionary arrest is necessary to guarantee public order and the application of criminal law.

“Due to the specific gravity of the crime, considering that all the images found on the accused’s cell phone and computer relate to children and adolescents naked or engaged in sexual acts, I consider that none of the precautionary measures other than imprisonment provided for in Article 319 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, applied individually or cumulatively, are sufficient to guarantee public order, or the application of criminal law,” the judge wrote. The magistrate also decreed secrecy of justice in the case file.

The actor will initially stay at Casa do Albergado Crispim Ventino, dedicated to the elderly, in the Gericinó Penitentiary Complex. Dumont will have to undergo medical attention, since he is hypertensive, has thyroid problems and gastritis.

After being discharged, he will be sent to a state prison unit.

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