Justice gives Banco Safra 24 hours to refund Americanas

Justice prohibits eviction order and power cut of Grupo Americanas

Judge Luiz Alberto Carvalho Alves, from the 4th Corporate Court of the Capital of the Rio de Janeiro Court of Justice, granted this Wednesday (1st) incidental urgency relief to the Americanas Group, determining that all concessionaires, mainly Enel and Light energy , refrain from interrupting the provision of essential services in any establishment in Americanas, under penalty of a daily fine of R$ 100,000.Justice prohibits eviction order and power cut of Grupo Americanas

The decision refers to the interruption of services for the collection of credits subject to judicial recovery that the Americanas are in process. The magistrate also determined that the landlords of the properties belonging to the Americanas Group refrain from issuing an eviction order due to tenant debts prior to the request for judicial recovery.

“Without its commercial establishments, or even without the provision of essential services, there will simply be no way to ensure the uplift of the economic group, making judicial recovery unfeasible, with the loss of all its creditors, it being necessary to mention that sales through email commerce, despite being widespread, do not replace the activities carried out in various physical stores across the country, accessible to all consumers, who even do not use the service provided by the company virtually”, wrote the judge.

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