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Justice maintains arrest of delegate Adriana Belém and three other defendants

Deputy Adriana Belém will remain in jail. The decision was taken this Monday (23), by judge Marcello Rubioli, of the 1st Specialized Criminal Court of the Capital. He rejected the request to revoke the arrest of the delegate and defendants Marcos Cipriano, Leandro Souza and Jefferson Monteiro da Silva.Justice maintains arrest of delegate Adriana Belém and three other defendants

According to the decision, the defenses did not prove any fact that changes the current evidence scenario. “Contrary to what the defenses allege, there is no possibility of replacing prisons with precautionary measures, since the presuppositions of preventive detention are present”, highlighted the judge in the decision.

The magistrate also asked for a subpoena from the State Department of Penitentiary Administration to inform if there are conditions for the arrest of police delegates in the penal system. Adriana Belém’s defense alleges that she is at risk for being in prison with other inmates.

The report contacted the delegate’s defense, but has not yet received a response. Adriana Belém was arrested on the 10th, during Operation Caligula. At his home, R$ 1.7 million in cash was seized.

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