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January 15, 2023
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Justice grants parole to goalkeeper Bruno

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The Justice of Rio granted parole to former goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza, sentenced to 20 years and 9 months of imprisonment for the death and disappearance of the body of model Eliza Samúdio, in 2010. 12) belongs to the judge of the Criminal Execution Court, Ana Paula Filgueiras, and was released this Saturday (14).Justice grants parole to goalkeeper Bruno

“There is no concrete impediment to granting conditional release to the convict, insofar as he meets the objective requirement necessary since 04/10/2022, according to the calculation of the updated sentence certificate. As for the merits, the convict performed work activities after granting of regime progression and regularly complied with the conditions of house arrest, it is worth noting that there are no new notes on the Criminal Background Sheet (FAC)”.

The Rio de Janeiro Public Prosecutor’s Office had expressed its opposition to the benefit and asked the Justice to carry out a criminological examination. Judge Ana Paula Filgueiras rejected the request, citing the decision that authorized semi-open regime for Bruno, in 2019.

“The convict has been serving a sentence under house arrest since 2019, according to a decision issued by the Execution Court of the 1st Criminal Court and Criminal Executions of the District of Varginha (MG). Bearing in mind that the convict returned to social life more than three years ago, I reject the preparation of a criminological examination and I will now analyze the conditional release claim, taking into account the behavior of the convict during house arrest”.

Upon granting parole, the judge ordered Bruno to appear every three months at Patronato Magarino Torres to sign the attendance report and keep his address and activities informed and updated. The first appearance must occur 30 days after his effective release.

Eliza Samúdio had a relationship and a son with Bruno de Souza. She disappeared in 2010, aged 25, and was considered dead by Justice. At the time, the goalkeeper played for Flamengo. In 2013, Bruno was sentenced to 22 years and three months for the crimes of triple murder, kidnapping and hiding a corpse.

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