Justice decides that young people imprisoned for marching with doctors remain in detention

Justice decides that young people imprisoned for marching with doctors remain in detention

August 3, 2022, 10:19 PM

August 3, 2022, 10:19 PM

The lack of the record of the precautionary hearing of Mauricio Bruzoner, Rodolfo Rodríguez and Riki Blas was the argument of the judge, Germán Ramos, so that the three boys who participated in the doctors’ march on July 21, continue to be detained inside the San Pedro prison and They ruled against the freedom action they had raised.

“This Court ruled that, since the resolutions of the precautionary measures hearings were not forwarded to it, they could not carry out any guardianshipas they did not have the content of these documents, they could not access the merits of the complaint made in this action for freedom,” said the lawyer, Jorge Valda, who sponsored the three defendants, helplessly.

Since July 23, the three were sent to the San Pedro prison accused of carrying explosives, although it was shown that those “explosives” were firecrackers they were in a backpack. The defense tried at least three strategies to free the defendants. According to the lawyer Valda, there are already ten judicial authorities who have denied them their freedom.

in the audience, the defendants made their material defense, which allowed them to be heard by the three judges that make up the First Anti-Corruption and Violence Against Women Court. In their speeches the three They expressed the fear they have inside the prison because they were violently threatened.

The entry protocol to San Pedro establishes that new inmates must be sent to the La Grulla sector, which was a place of punishment for inmates who commit faults; the boys consider that they were sent to that place to intimidate them.

According to their words, the protests organized by their families due to their unjust imprisonment had a direct effect to isolate them and threaten the inmates themselves. They asked that none of them be considered to have a criminal record.

Lawyer Valda reported that when the arrest occurred, the policemen They considered a plastic bottle containing vinegar to be a “dangerous explosive”. In all the demonstrations, the protesters use vinegar to mitigate the effects of tear gas, this product is used even by the police themselves, since they do not wear gas masks.

Prosecutor Omar Mejillones, who was one of those targeted by the release action, said that the lawyer repeats the same version in all the hearings and that they they expected it to present some element that distorts the reasons why they were detained people. He did not refer to the fact that the “explosives” were firecrackers and that the “dangerous explosive” was actually vinegar.

Likewise, the four soldiers who were apprehended never showed up and released on July 21 and no judge can summon them or force them to attend any of the hearings.

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