Justice charged two people for the group homicide in Lezica

Justice charged two people what were they arrested this monday after the murder of a 25-year-old man, whom accused of theft in the neighborhood Lezica (Montevideo)The prosecutor’s office reported on Tuesday.

For one of them, a precautionary measure of 120 days of pretrial detention for a crime of trespassing as the author, and for another crime, of homicideas co-author.

For the other person, a precautionary measure of house arrest for 120 dayswith placement of an electronic ankle brace. Is by home invasion and private violence.

Both had no criminal record. They were arrested on Luis Batlle Berres and Yugoeslavia avenues, in Nuevo Paris, nine days after the murder.

The case

The victim was found wounded on April 23 on a property in the neighborhood Lezica. According to witnesses, the young man was pursued up there by a group of people who attacked him upon reaching him, after accusing him of being a thief, and then they ran away.

The policemen took him to the Saint Bois hospital, where the doctors confirmed that he had “multiple stab wounds”, two of them in the lungs.

He died around 2:50 a.m. on April 24. He had two criminal records of serious injuries and several inquiries for different reasons.

The police and prosecutor’s investigation of the case continues. Investigators seek to find the whereabouts of four others involved in the incident.

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