Justice agrees with the Ministry of Education on the new educational curriculum

Justice agrees with the Ministry of Education on the new educational curriculum

March 15, 2023, 9:24 PM

March 15, 2023, 9:24 PM

The legal director of the Ministry of Education, Wilfredo Yujra, reported that the Court of Guarantees of the Fourth Constitutional Chamber denied the pretense to suspend the application of the curriculum updated educational.

This is a popular action filed by parents, representatives of the Catholic and Christian Church against the new curriculum that the Government implanted from this management in all the educational units of the country.

On January 30, the National Christian Council presented the constitutional protection action; 37 institutions joined this initiative, but only three were accepted; among them, that of the parents.

The lawyer Paola Barriga, who represents parents at a national level, said, on that occasion, that “it is striking that the curriculum has been changed in such an exacerbated way. Although the Government may have a political tendency; (but ), neither eliminate all the presidents of the country (from the texts); our children can not only learn about the history of Evo Morales”he declared to a local media outlet.

For the minister of the area, Edgar Pary, it is about content and not about the curriculum. “That actually rescues some experiences, from the same teaching colleagues“, he clarified.

It should be noted that this was also one of the reasons why the urban teachers mobilized throughout the country during the day this Wednesday. The other demands are newly created items and a larger budget for Education.

From the Ministry of Education they have stated that they are still ready to dialogue with the protesters.

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