Junín: About 8 teams are still alive in the Copa Perú departmental stage

Junín: About 8 teams are still alive in the Copa Perú departmental stage

One game away from finishing the second phase of the Departmental Stage, of the Peru Cup, in the Junín region. Four teams said goodbye to macho football this season, while another eight will still fight until they burn their last cartridge and qualify for the final home run.

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Group “A” is the one with the tightest scores and all 4 still have options, when it comes to math.

Unión Pichanaki, is the leader of the group with 4 points after beating Alipio Ponce, from Satipo who was left with 3 units and is second. In Huancayo FBC Estrella drew a tie and adds 2 points, placing it in the third box, for its part AFAR Shalom was left with 1 unit and will have to face the leader.

In group “B” Santa Rosa PNP from Chupaca and Defensor Concepción add 6 points each, those from the Police are leaders by goal difference, while Racing de Satipo and Nueva Sociedad de Chalampampa, from Tayacaja, were left without points and fired from the Cup.

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In group “C” CESA de Huancayo is the leader with 6 points after beating Municipal Chaquicocha de Concepción, which was eliminated with 0 points.

Colegio San José is second with 4 after tying with AMChanchamayo, who was already out with 1 unit, with no chance of reaching second place.

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