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June marked by threats, torture, raids and massive closure of NGOs

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo gives no respite to the Nicaraguan population, according to the Blue and White Monitoring report on human rights violations, which reports 31 new incidents between May 30 and June 19.

In these three weeks, the report details that they were registered: torture and cruel treatment (9), threats (4), prosecutions (4), harassment (3), assaults (3), arrests (2), break-ins (1), disappearance (1), injury (1), death (1) and others (10).

In the other category, the Monitoring included “an incident of a burning of a Police station in San José de Bocay, Jinotega, apparently by so-called armed groups.” Also, it incorporated the extension of the Nicaraguan nationality to former Honduran officials: Ebal Jair Díaz Lupian and Ricardo Leonel Cardona, investigated for corruption and part of the circle of the former president of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernández.

In addition, it recorded the threat of León Police officers against construction workers who were demanding their compensation; the unjustified dismissal of seven teachers for political reprisals; and the death of a young woman in Bilwi, North Caribbean, for reasons not yet clarified.

Occupation of the Trench of News and torture of political prisoners

The report details that the raid that was recorded was the one carried out by the Police on June 10 at the offices of the News Trencha media critical of the regime.

CONFIDENTIAL reported that the director of the Trench of News, María Alicia Talavera, indicated that she and her son, Francisco Xavier Reyes, received a summons from the Ministry of the Interior (Migob) to appear that same day, but when they arrived at the place they were only handed over ” a resolution of the Registry of Real Estate and Mercantile Property of the department of Managua”.

Talavera explained to the Efe news agency that “a resolution of the Judiciary” dissolved the society of the Trinchera de la Noticia, and the Police “occupies the premises and their assets.”

The document also details that the nine incidents of torture and mistreatment correspond to political prisoners held in the Directorate of Judicial Assistance, El Chipote, in Managua, and in the Waswalí Regional Penitentiary System, Matagalpa.

In addition, it mentions that the incidents included the harassment of a priest from Granada, the disappearance of a young man in Managua and the mistreatment of a political prisoner held in maximum security cells of the Jorge Navarro Penitentiary System, known as La Modelo, who he had also been on a hunger strike in the Matagalpa prison.

Three consecutive weeks of NGO cancellations

The document records that, in addition to the human rights violations, the regime ordered the cancellation of the legal status of non-profit organizations for three consecutive weeks.

Between May 30 and June 19, independent monitoring accounted for 317 NGOs illegalized in the National Assembly.

A total of 669 associationsfoundations and civil society organizations, national and international, have been canceled by the Ortega-Murillo regime between the end of 2018 and mid-2022, according to a count and data analysis carried out by CONFIDENTIAL.

The report states that the cancellation of these non-governmental organizations began on November 29, 2018, and continued in 2021. However, in 2022 the regime began an unprecedented mass elimination, destroying 595 NGOs in five and a half months.

International organizations, such as the United Nations (UN), countries of the European Union and member states of the Organization of American States (OAS), have expressed their concern about the massive closure of NGOs in Nicaragua, and have advocated that the Ortega-Murillo regime revoke that decision, executed by the National Assembly in which the government party is the majority.

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