Jumper Luis Enrique Zayas exceeds his outdoor personal best

Cuban high jumper Luis Enrique Zayas surpassed his outdoor personal best this Saturday, with a jump of 2.31 meters.

Barely a day after winning the medal of bronze in the Diamond LeagueZayas achieved four centimeters more than what was done then in Florence, during the XVII Atletica 2000 Meeting, also on Italian soil.

The 2019 Pan American champion and world finalist in Oregon last year “did not have any serious rivals in this tournament, although that did not prevent him from securing his all-time record in an event where he optimized his number of jumps to achieve success”, according to review the digital site cubadebate.

After surpassing 2.19 m in his first attempt and 2.25 m in his second, the Cuban gave up at 2.27 and 2.29, already with the title assured. Then, “he asked for the rod in 2.31 m and he barely needed an opportunity to overcome it cleanly,” the publication refers to.

Luis Enrique Zayas and Sahily Diago win titles in Spain

In this way, Zayas is placed fifth in the ranking of the season, only behind the Australian Joel Baden (2.33 m), the American JuVaughn Harrison (2.33 m), the South Korean Sanghyeok Woo (2.32 m) and the Chinese Zhen Wang ( 2.32m).

In addition, he set a new limit for him outdoors and was only two centimeters from his personal best (2.33 m), achieved indoors.

In accordance with cubadebate“with this jump, although it still does not exceed the 2.32 m required to obtain a direct place in the World Cup in Budapest next August, this record, together with its stability throughout the year, place it in an excellent position in the classification list.”

Finally, the official media reports that this same Saturday the discus thrower Silinda Morales also triumphed in Italy, although with a discreet throw of 57.35 meters.

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