July holidays: can private schools give the third week off?  This is what Codicen told them

July holidays: can private schools give the third week off? This is what Codicen told them

The schools that give virtual classes next week to their initial or primary education students will not be able to call them that way but rather “virtual colony”, due to the government’s decision that the next two weeks will be july vacation. This was made known this Friday by the Codex to the Uruguayan Association of Catholic Schools (AUDEC), in a meeting in which the authorities also recalled that the institutions cannot give vacations between July 17 and 21, and that if they want to give free will have to use their holidays.

“On holidays it is not appropriate to have classes. There can only be something that we agree to call a ‘virtual colony’”, says the Audec statement sent to the schools, and adds: “The holidays are strictly from July 3 to 14. And then vacations cannot be given, but holidays are granted, ”he adds.

On the other hand, it is still pending that Codicen inform private institutions if Monday the 17th grants a holiday to use as a long weekend, together with the holiday on Tuesday, July 18, or if the institutions that want to give it off must use one of his holidays. In the event that they are free from Wednesday to Friday, they will have to use their holidays. Each school has only four holidays to use throughout the year.

In addition, the institutions are not authorized to stop calculating absences on those days in which they do decide to teach classes, given Anep’s decision to extend the vacations and taking into account that many families already had planned and paid vacations. The explanation is that if there are classes it counts as a calendar day and the basic rules of the game that guarantee the child’s right to education apply.

The other way that schools have to get extra days to drive throughout the year is if classes start earlier than the scheduled date, or if they do not finish later, since what they have to meet is the minimum number of hours and school days. that the government mandates every year.

The government decided to advance the winter holidays to the first two weeks of July, given the high circulation of respiratory viruses that affect children above all, which implies logistical challenges for the institutions, which had already planned the winter break for the second and third week of the month.

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