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▲ MASS IN SUPPORT OF FORMER BRACEROS. Former braceros who since Monday have blocked access to the Ministry of the Interior reproached that they have not received a response from the Presidency of the Republic, to which they ask for a meeting to demand the payment of the debt of the Mexican State with more than 4.5 million former workers since the 40s, 50s and 60s. Bishop Emeritus Raúl Vera yesterday offered a mass on Abraham González street for the protesters and highlighted his contribution to the country.Photo Alfredo Domínguez, with information from Néstor Jiménez


or if there was any doubt, Yesterday at a press conference, with careful but sufficiently clear language, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) detailed the events and moments that have meant a worrying turn in a route that, even before the report presented by Undersecretary Alejandro Encinas, seemed hopeful. regarding the arrival of truth and justice in the case of the 43 Ayotzinapa students.

The GIEI underscored the political will of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to order the delivery of reserved material and the progress of the investigations, but also warned of the serious consequences arising from the reticence and cover-ups in the military and from the maneuvers of unjustified takeover of Alejandro Gertz Manero in the work of the special prosecutor’s office, which tomorrow will no longer be in charge of Omar Gómez Trejo.

The president, for his part, made exceptional points in his morning press conference. He specified that it was he who accelerated the judicial process against military and civilian elements, preventing them from fleeing and even though the consignment files were not sufficiently integrated.

On the crucial issue of the withdrawal of the Attorney General’s Office regarding twenty arrest warrants (16 of them against soldiers) already granted by a judge, President López Obrador sided with Gertz Manero’s team and against of the criteria and actions of the special prosecutor headed by Gómez Trejo, arguing that he, AMLO, understood this prosecutor (who is part of a theoretically autonomous body, the FGR) as someone who he worked in concert with Alejandro Encinas; I assumed that everyone had participated, yes?

The President of the Republic made delicate interpretations. He said that after the report of the commission chaired by Encinas, the document was presented to the FGR, where “since there are different interpretations there, they try – that is my interpretation – to blow up the process, because it was in the middle of arresting the (former) attorney (Jesús Murillo Karam) and he was involved in arresting the military.” AMLO did not specify whether such a dynamite interpretation corresponded to the special prosecutor’s office (Gómez Trejo) or the general prosecutor’s office (Gertz Manero), but it is understood that the reference is to the first, since it would be the second that made decisions in a quick and lightning-fast manner. adverse to Gómez Trejo’s team.

López Obrador insisted on explaining the very strange withdrawal of arrest warrants against 20 people, 16 of them military, since the Encinas report did not include such names. It must be specified that the now dismantled special prosecutor’s office has the power by itself, with or without the Encinas report, to request criminal action against whomever it deems necessary, with such grounds on this occasion of twenty, that the corresponding judge had already approved such requests. .

They sought to burst the investigationsaid the President, adding: Why do they put the 20? Thinking that this would cause a rebellion in the Army if there were more and we would have to backtrack to avoid touching anyone ( Harsh accusations against the special prosecutor’s office that the National Palace acknowledges having understood that worked in concert with Encinas.

The blow given to the process in search of truth and justice and to the relatives of the 43 is dry and has long consequences. The military claim of minimal, conditioned and selective application of civil justice is strengthened in a central case of recent history and a significant victory is granted to the prosecutor of the dark, Gertz Manero, who has been weaving false ties in key files (another , that of Murillo Karam) to adjust the legal proceedings to the political needs of the day. Until next monday!

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