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Mario’s performance Delgado as leader of Morena has been characterized by the electoral recycling of characters from other parties, alien or distant from the so-called National Regeneration, and the displacement or omission of the merits of the genuine militants of the icing party. Such maneuvers are intended to be justified by electoral results that mask the damage to the original proposals of said party-movement.

Now, Delgado is heading for the installation of new municipal, district and state directors, in an action plan that in fact could mean a factious seizure of partisan power. Several voices criticize this draft renewal of leadership, along with the previous history of pragmatism.

Faced with this, and faced with a scenario of reticence that Senator Ricardo Monreal has made public and Foreign Minister Ebrard has outlined, Delgado has resorted to an oratory typical of past authoritarianism: in this process of transformation nobody can act with sectarianism of groups. Only the people are going to decide who should be the leaders of each of the states at the national level; there is no excuse, no one can come up with tales of exclusion or marginalization. Any attempt at division is treason. It’s time for unity (

The left has, among other distinctive features, a vocation for analysis, criticism and discussion. Morena is the product of that exercise with respect to the Party of the Democratic Revolution, which in turn was a similar exercise against the Institutional Revolutionary Party. At the time, the PRD and Morena suffered stigmatization attempts.

Who was Secretary of Education and Finance with Marcelo Ebrard when he was head of the capital government intends to ward off criticism of his management and the divergence of criteria from the outset. It is not enough that he, as executor of his own lines of work, describes them as unassailable because they are almost perfect. Enthusiastic declarations about level floors and the absence of loaded dice are not enough, nor the demagogic recurrence to the designs of the village when enigmatic and obscure polls and maneuvers are used to designate candidates, as will be the case in the immediate case of the state of Mexico, where Professor Delfina Gómez will go as standard bearer.

Regarding the surveys, the philosopher Enrique Dussel, Secretary of Political Training of the Morena National Committee, spoke in an internet program. He said that such a method makes marketing sense, but it is not worthy for a political process. Frequently sounds like a finger such resource, of which there is no evidence of its realization or reliability.

However, Dussel conceded, it can be used in situations of urgency. In the case of the presidential succession of 2024, it should be, in any case, only among the militants registered in the Morena padrón (another red light, such a padrón) and not openly to the public, since the mistake of putting the candidate up for election would be made. Morena’s candidate based on the opinion of a segment of those who are not militants or sympathizers of that project (interview with Dussel:


The President of the Republic yesterday recounted the context of his meeting, last Friday, with federal prosecutor Gertz: when we see that discipline is being relaxed, that we are noticing that there are improper, irregular issues, well, specific issues are dealt with, he said in a sentence that also involved the functioning of the judiciary. The main thing is that AMLO demanded speed and results in the FGR… The ¡Eureka! accommodated together with soldiers, with claims to exonerate them of crimes committed during the dirty war and other historical episodes, and even honor them with their names on a wall… see you tomorrow!

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