Judgment of minutes progresses without problems or complaints

Judgment of minutes progresses without problems or complaints

Electoral officials, in the presence of proxies from the different parties, continue judging the records, this time, with the department of Boquerón. The work is carried out without problems and, after almost a week, no complaints have been received.

With the circulation enabled on Avda. Eusebio Ayala and without protesters in the surroundingss, the judgment of electoral acts is carried out calmly in the TSJE, with representatives of all the participating political nucleations.

“The judging of acts advances without any problemtoday we are concluding Boquerón and Central continues, which, due to the size and number of voters, will take a few more days, so far there have been no incidents that justify the rating they intend to give it ”, explained the representative of the ANR, Wildo Almirón, in an interview with Gen-Nación Media.

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Regarding Efraín Alegre, who initially did not claim anything, but when Paraguayo Cubas did – without giving arguments – also jumped on the bandwagon, Almirón recalled that, the holder of the PLRA has the certificates of results, as he himself declared.

In addition, Almirón pointed out thatAlegre intends to seek some resource to remain president of the PLRA, while his entire party demands his resignation.

Regarding Paraguayo Cubas, it considered that, its purpose is simply to install the idea of ​​fraud, to begin to establish itself as a representative of the next elections and as the opposition manual.

For her part, Magnolia Mendoza, also an agent of the ANR, highlighted the accompaniment that is given to the computation from the beginning of the process and stressed that the work is carried out normally.

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