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Judge specifies that prosecutor can question Dina Boluarte for deaths in protests

Supreme Judge Juan Carlos Checkley clarified today that Attorney General Daniel Soría can question those investigated, including the president for the deaths registered in the protests of December and last January.

Soria required that precision since the magistrate authorizes the defense of the State to participate in the taking of a statement but did not refer to whether he could ask questions.

“Note that regarding the participation of the aggrieved party during the development of the statements of the accused in the preliminary stage, the aggrieved party can ask questions through the legitimate body (the Public Ministry)”, reads the document to which he agreed Peru21.

In this way, the attorney Soria is empowered to ask questions in the proceedings through the Prosecutor’s Office. Checkley also explained that the Attorney General’s Office should coordinate with the Public Ministry a possible extension of the statement by Prime Minister Alberto Otárola in order to extend consultations that he could not carry out on February 16 because he was not summoned.

According to figures from the Ombudsman’s Office, 57 people died as a result of violent clashes between protesters and the National Police that occurred after the coup d’état by Pedro Castillo, on December 7, 2022. .

The National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, began an investigation to clarify the orders that were issued by the government to repel the violent demonstrations.

Judge specifies that prosecutor can question Dina Boluarte for deaths in protests

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