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Judge sentences judicial official for “accusing” that her partner has a micropenis

A delegation from the Public Ministry and the National Police, headed by prosecutor José Silguero, captured citizen Vanilson Griebeler Marschall, who was a fugitive from justice.

His arrest occurred at 3:50 p.m. on Tuesday during the search of a house located in the Kresburg neighborhood of the Carlos Antonio López district (Itapúa), in compliance with AI No. 100 issued by the judges of the Permanent Sentencing Court No. 2 from Ciudad del Este, Fabio Aguilar, Serafín González and Vitalia Duarte.

Griebeler had been sentenced to 3 years in prison and in another case to 9 years in prison. After his capture, the man must be confined in the Regional Penitentiary of Ciudad del Este, according to the order issued by the judging body. The judges applied the preventive detention of the same in the framework of a case pending resolution of appeals, after the sentence handed down in oral and public trial, considering the danger of escape and obstruction, also taking into account the constant delays and lack of submission to the process by the accused.

According to background information, the events date back to 2015, when Griebeler Marschall worked as manager of an agrosilo, which financed its production to settlers in the area and then the bills were paid with the delivery of the harvest.

At that time, the accused falsified the signatures of numerous settlers and withdrew millionaire loans in their names, which he later cashed in various banking entities in Alto Paraná.

The million-dollar scam came to light when those responsible for the agrosilo began to demand payment of the alleged debts to the settlers, which they were unaware of, since they were managed by the then manager Griebeler Marshall. Many of those affected had to give up their assets or land to settle the accounts, which originated through the falsification of documents.

After the complaint of those affected, Vanilson was prosecuted and taken to two oral trials, instances in which it was shown that the signatures of the victims were forged by him, on checks, notarial acts and promissory notes.

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