Judge of Granada rejects appeal of priest Manuel García

Judge of Granada rejects appeal of priest Manuel García

Judge Marvia del Rosario Arias Bermúdez, of the Criminal District Court of Granada, ratified the sentence of two years in prison and 200 days of fines against the priest Manuel Salvador Garcia Rodriguez57, for the alleged crime of threatening with a weapon to the detriment of five people.

Judge Arias rejected the appeal on July 12 and ratified the conviction issued by Judge Jaime Aguilar of the Local Court of Nandaime, confirmed the digital media Despacho 505.

Defense attorney Humberto González Sánchez argued that the sentence offended the priest because the priest had acted in legitimate defense of his home and physical integrity, according to article 34, number 4 of the Penal Code; In addition, the facts for which he was prosecuted are atypical in that they do not constitute a credible threat.

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The situation occurred on the night of May 30 when a group of people challenged the priest outside the Jesús de Nazareno de Nandaime church, after a 15-year-old girl asked the villagers for help due to an alleged incident between the priest and the citizen Martha Candelaria Rivas Hernández, mother of the adolescent.

Martha Candelaria Rivas, 44, denounced the priest for physical assault before Sandinista media, however, she retracted before the court. The regime sentenced her to 5 years in prison for the crime of false testimony to the detriment of the State.

Justice of Ortega declares Martha Rivas guilty for declaring that a Nandaime priest did not attack her. Photo: Article 66 / Social networks.

The priest’s defender stated that these facts were omitted. He explained that the citizen Lester Javier Chavarría Miranda was one of those who hit the church gate and challenged the father to leave the church, while the group of people waited for him with sticks and bats.

The Intertextual medium also details that, in the appeal, the lawyer maintained that the version of the policemen Alí Flores and Michael José Carballo confirms that in front of the Church there was a group of more than 25 people with those weapons in hand, who were arguing with the priest.

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Therefore, the lawyer indicated, the priest Manuel García was prosecuted for “atypical” events and the alleged threat was a “condition” for the group not to enter the temple.

Judge Marvia Arias acknowledged that the facts were omitted, but said that it would be “an aberration to apply the defense of criminal responsibility” to the priest. According to Arias, the priest was determined to cause harm and if the universe of what happened had been included, the number of “victims” would be greater.

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