Juanse in Works: the last rockstar and his illustrious friends in the Temple of Rock

Juanse in Works: the last rockstar and his illustrious friends in the Temple of Rock

Photo: Alfredo Luna

With Andrés Calamaro, Nito Mestre and Celeste Carballo as star guests and with the special presence of León Gieco, who was the center of a tribute, more than a guest, Juanse filled the famous Obras de muy buen rock stadium on Saturday night, to aboard a repertoire made up, with a few minor exceptions, of classics by Ratones Paranoicos, the band he led for several decades.

Along with his current group The Mustang Cowboys, the unyielding rockstar, however, gave these famous creations a greater interpretative flight, based on his great performance as solo guitarist, an aspect that mainly exploded in his solo stage.

But the poised Juanse version 2022 had a small flashback to his wildest nights in Cemento in the late 80s, when his son Daland Gutiérrez put the body in a performance in the best Iggy Pop style of “Enlace”, which brought for an instant back scenes of those distant days.

The great “ratonera party” that Juanse put together with the repertoire covered, the help of special guests and the public framework that did not deprive itself of ritualshe only had a concession when he presented a new topic and when took the stage Leon Giecowhere the figure of the night gave way and became one of the band to accompany the versions of “Thinking about nothing” and “The Canterville Ghost”.

What did remain constant throughout the little more than two hours that the show lasted was the accurate rock sound, a statement of artistic principles that, as if to leave no doubt, was explicitly ratified when at various times the artist yelled a “live the rock and roll!” in the middle or at the end of a topic.

Juanse’s brilliant guitar performances had the complicit wink of his old roadmate in Ratones Paranoicos, bassist Pablo Memi; the precise dialogue with the guitarist Poch; the reliable foundation of drummer Juan Colonna; and the master touch of Germán Wiedemer, on keyboards.

The iconic rocker had celebrated his 60th birthday at Luna Park last June and after prolonging the festivities with presentations in several provinces, closed the year in Worksan emblematic place whose choice seems to have been part of a symbolic game that adds to the vindication of the rock culture that he himself embodies.

After a wait that was enlivened with chants from the public that alternated between World Cup fever and idolatry for Paranoid Micethe great rock machine started up with “Sucio gas”, “Damas negras”, “Rainbow” and “One night doesn’t hurt”.

“I am not going to talk much because if it does not last less. A round of applause for us for filling this place”, Juanse warned and complied, before continuing to satisfy the public’s “mousetrap” anxiety with excellent readings of “Isabel”, “Joan of Arc” and “Carol”.

“I am not going to talk much because if it does not last less. A round of applause for us for filling this place.”Juanse

“Simpatía” lowered the furor caused by the hits a bit, but kept the intensity high in one of Juanse’s most inspired guitar performances of the night. “La Nave” winked at Poch’s funky base to “Miss You” by The Rolling Stones and “Youth Patrol” recalled that Juanse is one of the great accountants of realistic situations in rock, as well as a great poet.

“I’m going to take a license, I’m going to play a new song”, he warned before “Demolition”, a brief respite for the public, before “Caballos de noche” and “Sucia estrella” with Celeste Carballo opening the guest list .

It was followed by León Gieco and his stellar moment, who with the help of Juanse and The Mustang Cowboys, found electrifying readings for “Thinking of nothing” and “The Canterville Ghost”to which was added Nito Mestre.

The musical path “mousetrap” returned with the former sui generis contributing his voice to the “Rock of the piece” and continued with Juanse in “Líder nada especial”, the song that gave him the nickname with which his fans call him “The leader”.

In addition to Gieco, the other great luxury guest was Andres Calamaro who, throughout a four-song mini-set, avoided the spotlight and concentrated on playing the guitar. And she did very well, by the way.

The classic bluesy “Ruta 66”, with Father César, known as “the rock priest”, on keyboards, opened this series, which was extended with “Rock del gato”, “Cowboy” and “Para siempre”, where pictures of Diego Armando Maradonawhich unleashed the entire Qatar 2022 football songbook in the audience.

For the encores, Juanse reserved another great version of “Keep Giving”, in which the guitars shared the leading moments with notable good taste; and he let Daland take over the wild nights of the early years. The young man more than complied, between waddling and mosh practices.

To put out so much fire, “El líder” left the closure in the hands of León Gieco with a stoker version of “Solo le pido a Dios” to which all the guests and the musicians joined on vocals.

After little more than two hours of great sound voltage, a stainless songbook that is part of the central history of Argentine rock, the lineage of the protagonist of the night and the brilliant list of guests, the public was able to retire for sure that Juanse did not stay into words every time he yelled “Long live rock and roll!”

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