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Juan Sebastián Chamorro, incommunicado from his wife and daughter

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Juan Sebastián Chamorro, incommunicado from his wife and daughter

The former candidate for the Presidency of Nicaragua and current political prisoner Juan Sebastian Chamorrohas been incarcerated for 566 days in one of the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ), known as “El Nuevo Chipote”, in Managua.

Since his kidnapping on June 8, 2021, —prior to the residential elections in Nicaragua— the Ortega dictatorship has only allowed 13 visits to his relatives and has denied a phone call with his wife, Victoria Cardenas and his daughter, both exiled in the United States.

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«In 18 months imprisoned for political reasons @Jschamorrog has endured deplorable conditions (…) Without reading material or a Bible. We demand a Bible!” their relatives claimed through the Twitter account Juan Sebastian Chamorro.

On Sunday, December 25, the 51-year-old businessman was visited by five of his relatives, after between the 7th and 8th of this month the Police at the service of the Ortega regime allowed a visit for reasons of the Marian festivities and informed that other meetings would be authorized on the occasion of the Christmas and New Year’s Eve festivities.

The relatives were able to visit Chamorro for four hours, where they talked and shared food with him. Like other families of conscience hostages, the opponent’s relatives had no obstacles when entering “El Nuevo Chipote”, nor were they subjected to hostile situations, as has happened on other visits.

Article 66 He tried to contact Victoria Cárdenas, wife of Juan Sebastián Chamorro, to find out more details about this latest visit, however, contact could not be established.

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Cárdenas, who has been married to Chamorro for more than 20 years, has lamented that both she and her daughter are still not allowed to communicate with the political hostage, “they don’t even allow us a phone call, a letter or a photograph,” she said. in a recent interview.

Chamorro was convicted in trials that his international lawyer Jared Genser said were riddled with irregularities. During the appearance, the Prosecutor’s Office presented 27 police officers as witnesses against Chamorro and six other political prisoners. The only proof that was imputed to them was their participation in a WhatsApp group and some interviews on television.

The prisoner of conscience is part of the list of more than 230 political prisoners that the dictatorship is holding captive after raising their voices against its authoritarian policy.

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