Juan Hubieres will seek the Senate of Monte Plata

Juan Hubieres will seek the Senate of Monte Plata

The national coordinator of the Rebel Movement (MR), John Hubieresposted this Sunday on his Twitter and Facebook accounts a banner about his political aspiration, which is to be a candidate for the senatorship for the province of mount silver.

The banner of Hubieres indicates: “Let’s go up…mount silverthe time has come!”, and in it several logos of the possible coalition of political parties that would be supporting his candidacy for the seat of the Senate of the Republic are shown.

Among the logos of the parties that would support it are: Social Democratic Institutional Block (BIS), Christian Democratic Quisqueyano Party (PQDC), Progressive National Force (FNP), National Unity (PUN), Christian Social Reformist (PRSC), Force of the People (FP) and Broad Front (FA).

The banner has audio where you can hear the neighing and running of a horse, as well as the chorus of a song.

Hubieres, in his message, does not establish the date of his official launch, but he does, his intentions of becoming the new senator of the province of mount silverfor the electoral process of 2024.

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