Juan Gómez announced the creation of a new prosecutor's office in Montevideo

Juan Gómez announced the creation of a new prosecutor’s office in Montevideo

The court prosecutor, Juan Gómez, announced this Wednesday the creation of a new prosecutor’s office in Montevideo, although he explained that it is not yet known if it will be the third “for adolescents” or one “dedicated exclusively to cases of public corruption”.

This Wednesday, the new 4th shift Money Laundering and Narcotics Prosecutors, created by the Accountability, began to function.

“We are going to fight in the next few days for the creation of a third prosecutor’s office in the city of Montevideo that it would not have a special cost for the national budget, but would be the transformation of positions left by people to protect themselves from the retirement system,” Gómez said at a press conference after the assumption of Doris Morales as president of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ ).

Regarding which cases this new prosecutor’s office will cover, Gómez said that they are “in doubt”, but that there are “two main options”. “One would be the creation of a third prosecutor’s office for adolescentsthe other the possibility of the creation of a prosecutor’s office dedicated exclusively to cases of public corruption”he explained.

Asked about what they see in the public ministry regarding this last issue, Gómez replied: “Perhaps the need for specialization in the matter”. In any case, he stressed that corruption rates in Uruguay “They are some of the best” in Latin America.

Today, it is the “economic and complex crime prosecutors” who usually investigate cases of public corruption, Gómez said.

“Maybe in the area of ​​adolescents is where we need to focus our support for this activity that in Montevideo It is being carried out only by two prosecutor’s offices,” he said on Wednesday.

The court prosecutor said that “there is a small increase” in crimes in adolescents. “For that very reason and so as not to have tired prosecutors working permanently on such a critical issue like that of adolescents, is that we are thinking of proposing to the Executive Power and the National Parliament the possibility of creating a prosecutor’s office. It is not a transformation to which we are enabledbut to create a new prosecutor’s office in Montevideo,” he said.

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