Juan Felipe Pitty: “To my fellow PRD supporters, if you want to recover the glory of this party, I am your candidate”

Angel Valdes | June 5, 2023

The presidential candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party, Juan Felipe Pitty, was on Radio Panama where he talked about his proposals for the presidential primaries and that he fight to return Torrijista values ​​to the party.

«I have stayed in this house to fight for the PRD for what we were and for what we must be, your PRD who listens to me, if you want to recover the glory of this party I am your candidate I am going to fight with you hand in hand without resting to return those Torrijista values ​​of a party close to its bases and a party close to the people,” Pitty said.

Regarding his journeys in this internal campaign, Pitty considers that the bases of the party have shown him their disagreement with its leaders «I am pleased with the love we have received, the bases are incredibly upset as I have never seen them, there is no discomfort , there is fury in the base of the party with the entire leadership, and the bases welcome a candidacy like this, an independent one that does not come from the government ».

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