Juan Dionicio: «Cada vez que la policía fracasa en el control de la criminalidad, recurre a la muerte y a la matanza»

Juan Dionicio: “Every time the police fail to control crime, they resort to death and massacre”

The president of the Permanent Commission on Human Rights of the Chamber of Deputies, Juan Dionicio Rodríguez Restituyo, spoke today about the situation that occurs in the country where the National Police he has exchanges of shots with suspected criminals who end up dead or wounded.

Juan Dionicio expressed that “it is a recurring theme, every time the police fail to control crime, they resort to deathresorts to killing and resorts to hit man.”

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In the same way, Rodríguez made reference to the statements offered by the mother of one of those who died in the confrontation that occurred yesterday in Los Alcarrizos between members of a criminal gang and agents of the National Police, said “The police charge to kill, kill and the crime goes unpunished.”

Juan Dionicio: “Every time the police fail to control crime, they resort to death and massacre”

Likewise, the deputy denounced that the assassination in the country was born by the National Police, he also indicated that the institution of order is aware that in Las Caobas, Las Alcarrizos, Las Guabas, and Pedro Brand there is a powerful gang that covers all that terrain.

Rodríguez assured that “one of the main leaders of that gang has been brought to justice several times, has been sentenced, released, was even a candidate, was a public official.”

He stated that the band «The Papo Braids«It is part of the derivation of the foundations of gangs that at some point the Police destroyed.

Juan Dionicio explained how the neighborhoods of the capital work, said “citizens who commit crimes in the Dominican Republic always have police protection, always.”

Likewise, Rodríguez stated that “Police officers become honest, until they are sergeants, although there are always exceptions,” he added that “to enter the police they purify you to see if you are honest, but from the moment you enter it you have to commit a crime To fill positions, to be recognized, you have to join a whole body that acts contrary to the law, because that is a behavior that is learned there, within from the police.”

Juan Dionicio:
Juan Dionicio: “Every time the police fail to control crime, they resort to death and massacre”

The deputy said “I am from the neighborhood, I have lived in the neighborhood for fifty years, and the deaths caused by the police are not from Naco, there have been no police confrontations in sectors influential«

He added that first of all we must go to the origin of what generates criminal acts, he said “no one gets into crime for sport, there is always a reason, a cause that leads them to that, and the authorities have never investigated and have never tried to solve the issue.»

He also commented that there is a reality and that is that in the neighborhoods poverty generates inequalities, and that causes crime, he stressed that the police also live in the neighborhoods and many of them lend their weapons and their vests.

These statements were offered during an interview conducted by the El Dia program, broadcast by the Telesistema 11 channel.

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