Juan Diego Vásquez: “In the Assembly we do not come to vote for friends, here it is not about doing shows but about doing the right thing”

Deputy Juan Diego Vásquez, who was in charge of nominating the candidate to preside over the National Assembly for the independent caucus, Edison Broce, at the time of the voting period, issued the phrase: “In the Assembly we do not come to vote for friends because here It’s not making shows but doing the right thing even if it seems like a show to some. Edison, we don’t have the votes here, but I always tell you, we have them outside. “

It should be noted that, as is customary, Vásquez hung a banner in front of his seat with a direct message to President Laurentino Cortizo that reflected some campaign promises that have apparently been forgotten: “The star of education never shone; medications exorbitant prices; life is becoming more expensive; insecurity is growing daily; unemployment continues to affect our young people especially,” the banner said.

Among other issues, the independent deputy remarked that President Cortizo and his team have not understood since July 1, 2019 the responsibility that the country gave him in the elections of May 5, 2019. “They have not governed seriously, efficient and responsible,” he said.

“The Government will have no choice but to put out the fire until it begins to demonstrate the leadership that a government must have, all governments must show leadership, but in order to lead, one must work with will, clarity, seriousness and responsibility, with real proposals. The day the president presents serious and solid proposals, good for the country, I’m going to support him. The cost of living goes up and he doesn’t say anything, gasoline went up and he didn’t say anything, insecurity goes up and he it doesn’t say anything, it doesn’t say anything about education either. It’s unfortunate that a government that has been in office for three years already has not been able to attack the country’s main problems,” he said.

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