Juan Carlos Ozorio will spend the New Year behind bars

Juan Carlos Ozorio will spend the New Year behind bars

Judge Rosarito Montanía denied the request for the release of Juan Carlos Ozorio, accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and criminal association after the “A Ultranza Py” operation, for the completion of the minimum sentence.

His lawyer Álvaro Arias had made the request that was rejected by the magistrate. The prosecutors in charge of the investigations are Deni Yoon Pak, Fabiola Molas, Isaac Ferreira and Lorena Ledesma. With this, the politician must continue in the Emboscada prison with what will happen in the new year behind bars.

Osorio was president of the San Cristóbal Cooperative, where he allowed the money of the “Insfrán Clan” to circulate in an international money laundering structure.


At the beginning of March, the cyber-activist Alfredo Guachiré published on his social networks a total of 41 audios related to the now ex-deputy Juan Carlos Ozorio and his ties to the Comando Vermelho do Brasil. In the conversations, Ozorio is heard leading a criminal group dedicated to the commercialization of cocaine and marijuana. This situation forced the politician’s resignation from the Chamber of Deputies.

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