Juan Carlos Ortega sees marijuana as a business opportunity

Juan Carlos Ortega sees marijuana as a business opportunity

The rocker son of the Nicaraguan presidential couple, the sanctioned Juan Carlos Ortega Murillo, once again caused a stir on his social networks when he raised the possibility of legalizing marijuana in Nicaragua, proposing that it could favor “micro and small production in the country and city.

“When will be the time for Nicaragua to formally discuss the feasibility (or not) of decriminalizing the production, sale, possession and consumption of cannabis sativa and its derivatives?” he questioned through his Twitter account.

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Ortega presented a series of questions to show that the commercialization of this product would bring “benefits” to the country. “Under what regulations could the production, commercialization and consumption of cannabis sativa be governed in Nicaragua? Would it be feasible for the production and commercialization of cannabis (Marihuana) sativa to be managed under a family economy model that favors micro and small production in the countryside and the city?”, were two of the concerns that he made public.

Ortega Murillo defended his theory focusing on the fact that the legalization of marijuana would even be feasible as a medicine. “The regulation of the production and commercialization of cannabis to better confront organized crime and human trafficking?”, the form of conviction highlights that the benefits “of the use of cannabis (Marihuana) sativa for medicinal purposes are already more than proven ».

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“Now we should study the experience of those countries where there are no longer any restrictions for any use, but where there are regulations that seek to guarantee order and public safety,” concluded the rocker of the Ortega-Murillo family.

Currently in Nicaragua its use is prohibited even for medicinal purposes, this has not stopped it from being illegally marketed. Specialists on the subject have stated that Nicaragua is not yet ready for its approval, since a higher level of vigilance is needed from the health authorities that must ensure the quality of what is produced or imported from this plant.

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