Juan Ariel Jiménez: «¿Este es el Gobierno del cambio o de las excusas?»

Juan Ariel Jiménez: «Is this the Government of change or of excuses?»

The former Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Juan Ariel Jimenezquestioned the reasons why the Government headed by President Luis Abiander justifies the inflation that the Dominican Republic is experiencing, by attributing economic problems to the impact of international events.

Although he is also a member of the Political Committee of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) recognized that the country is experiencing an economic recovery and tourism has grown, however, he said that Abinader “I have not done my homework” when it comes to lowering the inflation.

“There are positive things to see. The internal task is done to ride that positive wave, but because that positive wave exists. Contrary to prices. There we are played negatively. What worries? That the tera has not been done on the inflation issue. The Dominican Republic is the fourth country in Latin America with the highest price increase: 17.1%. So, there we have not done the homework, “explained the peledeísta during an interview on the program Telematutino 11, which is broadcast on Telesistema, channel 11

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It is recalled that the former official also referred to the issue of tourists, and expressed that this line was another one that suffered a wrong figure by President Luis Abinader, who in his speech stated that so far this year the Republic The Dominican Republic has surpassed the historical record for tourist arrivals.

“If we see January-June, arrival of non-resident foreigners, we are still 178,251 less than January-June 2019, but we have not even exceeded 2018, since we are still 104,304 non-resident foreigners less than the same period in 2019,” said the Jimenez.

Jiménez, although he admitted that the tourism sector has achieved good results so far this year, said that “good news without lies, looks better.”

Another figure that the member of the Political Committee of the PLD saw as incorrect, is around the reduction in crime, since according to Jiménez, the homicide rate has increased in the last two years.

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