Jpsuv Caroní carries out territorial deployment in Ciudad Guayana

The Jpsuv of Ciudad Guayana announced through a press conference that the territorial deployment is already at 94% of the set goal, as stated at a press conference by José Guillén, youth liaison in the Caroní municipality.

The spokesman pointed out that the proximity to the communities of the political cadres and the house-to-house approach has allowed the achievement of the established plan in the shortest time, for which he stressed that each chosen representative belongs to the bases and knows the reality of their sectors directly.

The goal of the Jpsuv in Ciudad Guayana is to reach more than 11,000 young people, which is why they will continue with the territorial deployment throughout the city.

“We are very close to forming a vanguard of 11,086 young people in Caroní, in the communities they are choosing: community coordinator, culture, sports and recreation, education.”

Guillen also reported that in the next week the street youth will be elected to promote the strengthening of the execution of public policies issued by the national executive.

In this sense, he invited his contemporary peers to join the campaign that the Jpsuv has been carrying out and “be part of the golden generation that our Commander Chávez taught us so much,” concluded Guillén.

The Caroní municipality has 10 parishes and is the town with the highest electoral incidence together with Angostura del Orinoco, so the official party, with this deployment, begins the offensive from the young.

  • Jpsuv Caroní carries out territorial deployment in Ciudad Guayana

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