Journalist Miguel Mendoza turns 52 years old locked up in the cells of "El Chipote"

Journalist Miguel Mendoza turns 52 years old locked up in the cells of “El Chipote”

The sports writer and current political prisoner of the dictatorship, Miguel Mendoza turned 52 years old this April 19, however, unlike other occasions, his family, wife and daughter could not give him a congratulatory hug because the regime of Ortega keeps him imprisoned in the cells of the Directorate of Judicial Assistance (DAJ), in Managua.

In an interview with Article 66Margin Pozo, Mendoza’s life partner, shared that it is a “special day, but at the same time sad”, because they will not be able to celebrate the birthday of the sports writer and opponent of the Ortega government.

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«Every year he (Mendoza) celebrated them as a family (…) For us it is and has been painful since dawn; knowing that Miguel is in four walls in terrible conditions, especially because of the incommunicado detention, since he is in a totally sealed cell,” Pozo pointed out.

«It hurts to know how Miguel is, paying for a crime he has not committed, because freedom of expression is a right; he is a journalist. We are sad that we cannot share this day, not even tell him: ‘God bless you’, because you cannot say happy birthday to him because it is not a happy birthday being in that place, “she added regretfully.

The journalist also emphasized that it is painful not to be able to tell Mendoza how special he is to his family, “and that today more than ever we have him in our minds and in our hearts.”

«The last time I saw him I told him that today we were going to be thinking about him (…) I know that he is there remembering all his family, all his friends, because everyone used to congratulate him, but how sad that his birthdays pass and that of the girl (Miguel’s daughter) and not being able to share, not being able to shake hands or give us a hug, “he lamented.

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Regarding the possibility that the regime would allow Miguel Mendoza’s relatives to visit him today because it was his birthday, Pozo said that “we would like to share with him today or at least leave him something different or a present so that he knows that we are there, but it is not allowed”.

His daughter regrets not being able to be with him

Little Alejandra, daughter of the political prisoner, got up very early this Tuesday and remembered that today was her father’s birthday and she regretted not being able to hug him and go with him. “Since yesterday she was telling me that today is her father’s birthday and she told me: ‘my dad’s birthday, he’s going to spend it alone, we won’t be able to congratulate him,'” Pozo recalled the words of the daughter of she.

«My heart is sad because I will not be able to tell him that I love him very much, that I love him, that I miss him. I have asked many times to see my father and they do not listen to me, I want to see him, why do not they let me see him? If I have the right to see him », Alejandra questioned her mother.

Daughter of Miguel Mendoza: «My heart is sad because I will not be able to be with my father

“It has been 10 months since my daughter has seen her father; for her a birthday is special, she suffers from the absence of her father, and I know that today when she returns home she is going to tell me that she is sad and that makes anyone’s heart small, that an eight-year-old girl asks to see his father, but he is not allowed, “added Pozo.

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Mendoza has been captive since June 21, 2021 when he was outside his home. One day after his arrest, police officers raided his home. According to his wife, the only things they could take that day were the cell phones and a camera (damaged) that the political prisoner had had as a souvenir for seven years.

«Miguel Mendoza is innocent. We are waiting for it; we trust in God and in his promises, the word of God is perfect and we believe in divine justice. We continue to pray and trust in his freedom », Pozo concluded confidently.

On February 16, the Ortega dictatorship condemned nine years in prison for Mendoza. He was also disqualified during the same period from holding public office.

The communicator was accused of the alleged crime of provocation, proposal and conspiracy to undermine national integrity, to the detriment of the State of Nicaragua and Nicaraguan society, in accordance with Law 1055, Law of Sovereignty.

Until before his kidnapping, Mendoza had become one of the most followed characters on social media in Nicaragua for his critical stance against the Ortega regime and his repressive actions against protesters and opponents. He was imprisoned for exercising his right to express himself.

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