Journalist Guido Bilbao: “Odebrecht at the tip of the ticket, managed to generate an atmosphere of silence”

The Odebrecht case is one of the most notorious in Panama and abroad, due to the large sums of money that were paid as bribes and high officials were benefited.

The investigative journalist, Guido Bilbao, coordinated a special report called “Lava Jato-Co Conexión PTY” (Odebrecht), which was published in the independent digital newspaper Conexión PTY.

Said investigation details that in 10 years, three presidents from three different parties awarded Odebrecht works for more than $8 billion, but some time and various addenda, tenders, ended up costing almost $10 billion.

In the ranking of surcharges for the Brazilian company, Martinelli ranks first with $1,119 million; Martín Torrijos follows with $883 million; and the third Juan Carlos Varela.

In Bilbao’s opinion, Odebrecht managed to penetrate a very deep place in Panamanian society, and at the tip of the hat managed to generate an atmosphere of silence that allowed all this that now makes us hold our heads.

“This is such a serious situation that it compromises the future of our children, people say enough of clientelism and people will also have to do some work to clean up the structures of the State, the Assembly must be cleaned up, and the people with your vote will have that possibility,” he said.

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