José María Del Pueblo, the State must be smaller

José María Del Pueblo, the State must be smaller

April 19, 2024, 4:00 AM

April 19, 2024, 4:00 AM

Today I want to talk to you about a very important topic for Bolivia and for us as citizens: the need to have a small and efficient State. This is not only important to have a better economy, but also to protect our freedoms and rights.

He thinks that the State does not generate money by itself. Everything you spend comes from us. Therefore, it is very important that every penny that the state invests is fair and necessary, without waste and avoiding late procedures. But it makes us sad to see how the State tries to do business as if it were a private company, with very bad results. Not only does it waste our money, it also puts us in debt and competes unfairly with us, using resources that could benefit us all.

The main roles of the State should be to care for life, guarantee our freedoms and protect our property, ensuring justice that treats us all equally. Beyond that, it should be us, the individuals and entrepreneurs, who take the initiative, as we are the true drivers of innovation, employment and economic growth.

According to what I have found out, everything that promotes individual freedom, a more open and free market with less state intervention in the economy, is the best so that the economic benefits reach more people. Respect for private property and fair competition can greatly improve our quality of life.

These issues are very important for Bolivia. An overly large state like the one we have now not only limits our freedom as individuals, but also curbs our economic potential. Countries with freer economies and more open markets have always achieved higher levels of well-being for their citizens. Just compare Switzerland to Cuba.

José María, it is important to recognize that we, the citizens of the street, know more about our needs and how to satisfy them than any authority from Plaza Murillo. Decentralizing decision-making by making regions more responsible for their own future and increasing citizen participation in the economy is not only fairer, but also more effective. When people and regions have the freedom to decide how to use their resources, innovative solutions are generated and more inclusive and diverse development is encouraged.

That is why José María, we must look for candidates for the elections who are committed to creating a State that is our servant and not our master. A State that understands that its wealth and power come directly from us, and that therefore, it must be small and respectful of our freedoms and rights. Only in this way can we ensure a prosperous future for Bolivia, where freedom, justice and well-being are the norm and not the exception.

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