José Luis Fábrega on revocation of mandate: ‘Here there is a complicity of the Electoral Court’

The mayor of the district of Panama, José Luis Fábrega, spoke this Thursday on Radio Panama, about his management against the capital city and the revocation process of the mandate against him.

He asserted that the recall process is unconstitutional. “In popular light, this is an unconstitutional act because the Constitution does not contemplate the revocation of the mandate for mayors, and what better revocation if someone is going to seek re-election; furthermore, we have not violated any constitution, nor the laws, nor have we been criminally or civilly,” he emphasized.

He added that this is a movement that has political overtones. “Here there is a complicity of the Electoral Tribunal and I say this with all responsibility because the magistrates are men of the law, they are lawyers and they know the law, and the Constitution that they swore to defend and respect, and how is it that they accommodate a request for initiative of recall mandate ignoring the popular mandate of 173 thousand and so many votes,” he remarked.

Fábrega stressed that he does not control the will or the thoughts of the magistrates of the TE and “all this is speculation.” At the same time, he indicated that in “our analysis we won the elections comfortably, but that is the past, the present is that there is a constitution that was not recently modified.”

He stated that he will continue to work for the mandate for which he was overwhelmingly elected. “José Luis Fábrega will continue to work in a transparent and honest manner, facing the people and the media until June 30, 2024, the period in which we were elected,” he said.

Regarding municipal projects, he stressed that under his administration, to date, seven works have been completed that were left unfinished from the past municipal administration and have granted around 13 orders to proceed.

He referred to the Parque Municipal del Norte, revealing that “we are going to finish it, and finish it well. We have given 13 orders to proceed and we are going to give thirty or so more, that is working transparently and responsibly,” he said.

New Seafood Market

Regarding the construction of the new Seafood Market, the head of the capital’s commune mentioned that they have made a “crowing about the $43 million market. And the famous $85 million dollar sidewalks? Everyone is quiet now.”

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