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José Horacio: a good policy consists of seeking solutions to collective problems

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José Horacio

The deputy for the Democratic Option party, José Horacio Rodríguez, highlighted in a publication on his social networks this past Wednesday, December 28, the achievements of good politics that he promotes from the citizen deputation that he heads together with a team of young professionals from the National District .

He indicated that good politics consists of seeking solutions to collective problems to contribute through public debate and actions from the State, so that people live better.

This year the legislator for the Circ. 1 of the National District worked on several legislative pieces studied within the different commissions in which he participates, and presented some of his authorship such as the bill that creates paternity leave and the defense before the study of the national budget to be apply the legal adjustment for inflation so that the salaries of Dominicans yield more.

In addition, on his agenda this year was the defense of national producers before the elimination of tariffs, and the opposition to the aggressive public debt that compromises national sovereignty and the monitoring of the work of the National Police before the complaints of violation of the human rights.

It also introduced the bill that seeks more severe penalties for public officials who do not make their sworn statement of assets, a tool to more effectively combat corruption.

“If I have learned anything in these years as a legislator, it is that when there is love for the homeland, will, political commitment and perseverance, we can achieve a lot,” the legislator highlighted on his social networks, pointing to the upcoming pre-election year.

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