José Domingo Pérez on Keiko Fujimori: "The position of guaranteeing due process has been adopted"

José Domingo Pérez on Keiko Fujimori: “The position of guaranteeing due process has been adopted”

The prosecutor He assured that the Public Ministry has adopted the position of guaranteeing due process in the Cocktails case against the leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, and another 40 investigated for the alleged commission of the crime of money laundering.

The member of the Prosecutor’s Office indicated that they have taken this provision so that in the future those under investigation do not question any type of improper or poorly formulated accusation.

In this case, the position of guaranteeing due process has been adopted, of acquitting any controversy that the defense may have, we are ensuring that later, in the near future, it will not be argued that it was an improper or poorly formulated accusation. and that it was an accusation that affected his rights”, pointed out Domingo Pérez in dialogue with Ideele.

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In this sense, the prosecutor referred to the recent presentation of the corrections of the case and announced that it will soon go to the substantial control stage and later to the test control.

We have clarified, we have specified, we have corrected everything that the defense and We understand that we have to go to the stage of substantial control and test control and from there we will go to the trial“, said.

Jose Domingo Perez maintained that if the case reached the Constitutional Court (TC), the new magistrate Luis Gutierrez Ticse You should refrain from taking a position based on an opinion on the case previously expressed on your social networks.

We understand that one of the members of this new Constitutional Court has issued some assessments of this investigation that is still ongoing. I understand that when the time comes, he will have to refrain for decorum or the other magistrates would have to request it from the aforementioned new magistrate.”, he pointed out.

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Submit corrections

Last Monday, May 16, the prosecutor Domingo Pérez presented the corrections of the Cóctels case against Fujimori Higuchi and others investigated.

Through their social networks, The Public Ministry reported that the document delivered by Domingo Pérez has 2,384 pages and was admitted to the table of parts of the Fourth National Permanent Preparatory Investigation Court Specialized in Organized Crime, which is presided over by the Judge Victor Zuniga.


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