Jorge Rodríguez: the opposition sought to exterminate the Venezuelan identity

Jorge Rodríguez: we are in the worst moment of journalism

The president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, assured this Thursday that many of the great conspiracies against democratic countries are promoted by major media in the worldespecially against the peace of the peoples.

“We have just seen in full swing how some garbage media in Spain, in coexistence with paramilitary and parapolice representatives of the so-called sewer in Spain, acted to remove electoral favoritism from the United We Can Organization,” he said.

He also highlighted the need to transform the media, “we are in the worst moment for journalism on the planet. We are in the worst moment where journalists have stopped looking for the truth to seek their benefit and only some exceptions are worthy », he said.

However, he assured that many control the media and have removed their mask and are in favor of maintaining right-wing governments on the planet. “It’s a shame that the solution to the media is to stop watching the news, because they build lies and end up believing them,” she said.

He recalled that many journalists who echoed through direct charges a number of lies against the Organization.

“Those same Spanish media that are being targeted today have invented thousands of lies against Venezuela, against the government of Comandante Chávez and the government of President Nicolás Maduro in an exaggerated exercise of slyness,” he said.

The Bolton case

Rodríguez made reference to the statements of John Bolton, former US Security Advisor, who confessed on Tuesday to having organized coups in other countries and in Venezuela. Bolton made this claim in a CNN interview, after the journalist pointed out that “one does not have to be brilliant to carry out a coup.”

“In an exaggerated exercise of slyness, important figures of the Trump administration appear, such as this psycho named John (Bolton) and this other lady (Carrie Filipetti), former US Undersecretary of State, who are amazed that President Maduro’s inner circle is loyal, because they are very used to buying consciences, to pulling the strings of their puppets. They speak with people of the ilk of Luis Almagro, a trash who is in the service of the United States».

Rodríguez stressed that “Luis Almagro was the architect of the coup against President Evo Morales, shortly after he won the elections with an absolute majority in the first round in Bolivia,” he recalled.

«And now this gentleman, John Bolton, appears to say what he had already written in his book and he says it again now as if it were an exercise in scholarship, because the journalist considers it as if it had been something simple, when we still remember John Bolton’s antics with a folder that said he would send 5,000 marines to invade Venezuela.”

“When this lady says that Maduro’s inner circle remained loyal to him, I imagine he is referring to the people of Venezuela who remained loyal to democracy, sovereignty, independence, self-determination, respect for National Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” he said.

The head of Parliament denied that Bolton had “brazenly” confessed that he spent 24 hours a day and 7 days a week contemplating attacking the world.

«Bolton spoke as if he were a kind of doctor, psychologist, people who take care of the entity, he was not referring to murders, assassinations, military coups, sanctions, invasion attempts, training of terrorists and paramilitaries in Colombia. That was what Bolton was concerned with and at this point, I think it becomes a truism, of all the lies published in the media, it was all in the service of overthrowing a democratically elected government in Venezuela. Not a single word is saved from everything that was published, because as there are now political sectors and journalists in Spain saying that what happened with Pablo Iglesias, with Monedero, with a channel that is a sewer, called La Sexta, with print media that are a sewer, where almost no one is saved, if it is true that the conspiracy that occurred against Podemos cannot take place in a democracy, what can we say about the continued conspiracy of the media Spaniards against the democratic government of Venezuela.

“Let’s imagine for a moment that the PSUV or that the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela began a process of conspiracy with the media, with false news with elements of psychological warfare, against Pedro Sánchez or the president of the United States. Imagine the scandal that would arise! », He commented.

Repudiation of the military invasion

During the ordinary session this Thursday, the National Assembly approved an agreement repudiating the statements made by John Bolton and the former US Undersecretary of State for Venezuela and Cuba, Carrie Filipetti, where they openly declared to the media the attempted military invasion of Cuba. the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

In this sense, the ruling deputy Pedro Infante expressed that, “the statements of these characters are not by chance, they are based on the foreign policy that the United States has historically had, of intervention and coups d’état.”

“There are elements that coincide in these two characters, first they are from the Republican Party, pro-Zionist friends of Israel, warmongers who promote wars, staunch anti-communists, anti-Cubans, anti-Venezuelans, anti-Nicaraguans, that is, anti-free and independent peoples of the world, they are fascist war hawks,” he said.

Likewise, the deputy Pedro Infante stressed that the coups d’état and the advice to assassinate presidents and to invade countries date back to the last decade, from 2010 to 2020.

For his part, the deputy for the opposition caucus, Oscar Ronderos He stated in his right to speak that they reject any kind of intervention and sanction of any foreign power on Venezuela.

“This nationalist opposition that has never been in favor of a military intervention by any foreign power, that considers that Venezuela has the right to choose with whom to relate and with whom not, that is against this blockade, these sanctions that do not allow us to market our oil anywhere in the world, which is why we are going to support this draft Agreement”, he asserted.

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