Jorge Rodríguez received embassy of Venezuela in Brazil

Jorge Rodríguez received embassy of Venezuela in Brazil

Social movements in Brazil held an act in the capital of that nation to return to Venezuela, in the figure of Jorge Rodríguez, president of the National Assembly, the Venezuelan embassy after three years of being closed due to the government’s aggressive policies of the outgoing Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro.

Rodríguez, who traveled to that country for the inauguration of the newly sworn Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva, pointed out the damage that the far-right led by Bolsonaro did to the diplomacy of the Amazonian country and thanked those who carried out the symbolic act of handing over the facilities and assured that Venezuela will never forget the solidarity of those who protected its embassy after the attacks launched on November 14, 2019 and highlighted the efforts of the employees of the Venezuelan mission in Brasilia who endured attacks of all kinds to defend Venezuelan territory in that city .

During the act of the Brazilian social movements, the organization’s spokesman, Joao Pedro Stedile, highlighted that during the three years that elapsed after the attack on the diplomatic headquarters, more than 500 militants collaborated in the protection of the building with actions ranging from maintenance until the reservation “but above all to assume the shirt of the Bolivarian Revolution” and follow the example of Abreu de Lima “who was our general, of our revolution, who helped to liberate Venezuela and Colombia.”

Jorge Rodríguez highlighted the effort of the social movements that protected the embassy and described November 13, 2019 as “a barbaric day, in which all international norms, all treaties, all respect for diplomatic immunities were disrespected.” that are owed between nations.

“I am very proud of all of you, and very grateful to the popular movements of Brazil, which remained here,” said Rodríguez, and thanked the accompaniment of the Brazilian social movements that “were here for three years (at the diplomatic headquarters ), taking care that our diplomats, embassy personnel, were taken care of and safe… Never again, in the years and centuries to come, Venezuela will forget the gesture, the solidarity, “said Rodríguez.

Rodríguez thanked the solidarity of the social movements in the defense of the Venezuelan territory

“We were here for more than three years resisting so that Guaidó’s impostors would not take that house that belongs to you, the people of Venezuela,” Stedile said during the symbolic act of handing over the property.

“We did it with great pleasure, with great affection, as a sign that it is only possible to build a great homeland as dreamed of by (José) Martí, (Ernesto Guevara) El Ché, Fidel (Castro) and (Hugo) Chávez, with the principle of solidarity, highlighted the social leader.

In November 2019, the Venezuelan business manager in Brazil, Freddy Meregote, at that time head of the Venezuelan mission in the capital of the South American country, denounced from the headquarters a “siege by irregular citizens” and assured that he and the other officials “continue standing in support of the legitimately constituted government of President Nicolás Maduro.”

Starting this Monday, after the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Venezuela and Brazil following the announcement by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Venezuelan officials will return to the normality of their activities interrupted by the aggressive policies advanced by the outgoing ultra-right government.

Jorge Rodríguez received embassy of Venezuela in Brazil
Venezuela recovered its embassy in Brazil

Bolsonaro’s barbarity

The president of the AN stressed that the attack suffered by the Venezuelan embassy is an example of “the pain, the barbarity, the ferocity that the ultra-right” sowed throughout Brazil during the Bolsonaro government.

“A sample of the pain that this noble Brazilian people who woke up today with the hope of President Lula, who…has come to redeem the poor…the most mistreated by neoliberalism,” explained Jorge Rodríguez.

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