Jorge Rodríguez: In a democracy, political adversaries meet

Jorge Rodríguez: In a democracy, political adversaries meet

After qualifying fruitful and very beneficial the meeting held this Wednesday between President Nicolás Maduro, and representatives of the Alianza del Lápiz political party, the Head of the Venezuelan Government delegation for dialogue, Jorge Rodríguez, reported that the meeting served to reaffirm the will to dialogue even with diversity thinking.

“We hope to continue doing so in the future,” Rodríguez stressed, adding that they held extensive and interesting conversations in which various points of view of the political, social and economic landscape were discussed.

“In this meeting with the Alianza del Lápiz, a centrist movement that opposes the Bolivian government of President Nicolás Maduro, they demonstrate – together with President Maduro’s gesture – that in democracy the adversaries, the opposites in politics, meet They talk, discuss, disagree and also reach agreements,” Rodríguez declared upon leaving the meeting that took place on Wednesday night at the Miraflores Palace.

The meeting is part of the round of talks that President Nicolás Maduro has been holding with all sectors of the political, social, and economic spectrum of Venezuela.

Democracy is dialogue

The also president of the National Assembly pointed out that the conversations They hovered over a series of dialogue processes that lead to concrete facts.

“We reviewed part of the social agreement that was signed in Mexico City with a sector of the Venezuelan opposition, and we also discussed the issues that at this time are of singular importance to all the people of Venezuela,” he said.

Rodríguez stressed that not only the political aspect was touched on. In this regard, he added that they touched on the elements related to the daily life of the people of Venezuela “with the needs, with the expectations, with the hopes, with the vision set in the future.”

«The most important thing that came out of this meeting was the need to continue them, from another side, from the side of their political proposal, we from the side of the Bolivarian revolution, talking to demonstrate, once again, that democracy is this,” said Rodríguez, referring to the meeting held this Wednesday night at the Miraflores Palace.

«Democracy is the dialogue between adversaries, the dialogue between opponents, the possibility of reaching agreements and in a very specific element. What are the things that we all defend as Venezuelans? National sovereignty, the right that we have to live freely, the independence of Venezuela, respect for the Constitution”.

Satisfied by the meeting

For his part, Antonio Ecarri, leader of the Pencil Alliance, thanked the “political opening that has taken place today, we are satisfied with this first meeting (…) We have come here with our ideas, with our proposals. We have come here feeling that there is a Venezuela in pain that deserves special treatment, special treatment that has to be for adults, with transparency, without fearful meetings with a nationalist sense (…) Today we are very satisfied that Venezuelans are coming together for Venezuela ” he said, quoted by Presidential Press.

Likewise, he maintained that they have proposed to President Nicolás Maduro that the dialogue be transformed into “a popular dialogue, a dialogue that has social sensitivity, breadth with all sectors, not only with the political sector (…) In addition, we have raised a Serious, transparent dialogue, but quick and early responses, with three types of measures, some urgent, other important, and other far-reaching, which is why today we are satisfied with this first meeting,” he said.

“I hope there are many more meetings to work for Venezuelan children, for our country, to reunite the Venezuelan family, we believe in democratic ways, in the popular vote (…) I want to ratify the commitment to respect the Constitution and sovereignty national because we are nationalists”, pointed out Ecarri.

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