Jorge Rodríguez: if a deputy makes a mistake, he goes to jail

The president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, explained this Thursday that from this space any public official or deputy who commits a crime will be punished equally.

This was stated during the debate over the crimes committed in the Zamora municipality of Miranda state, where the opposition mayor Raziel Rodríguez is being investigated for evicting a group of 11 peasants from their land.

The National Assembly (AN) approved this Thursday, unanimously, the political responsibility of the mayor of the Zamora municipality of Miranda state, Raziel Rodríguez, for the illegal eviction of 11 peasant families in Villa Zamora I, last March.

The president of the National Parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, specified that political responsibility will also be applied to the 4th prosecutor of the Public Ministry (MP), Norka Martínez; the Third State, Municipal and Criminal Judge of First Instance acting as Control number 3 of the Criminal Judicial Circuit of Miranda, Jusbelys Carguaripano; the director of the municipal police, Neile Martínez and the police officers José Romero Parica, Raúl Romero and Belkis Ramírez.

Also, the directors of engineering and housing of the mayor’s office, Carlos Carratu and Ebando Rodríguez, respectively; as well as the representatives of the company Guatire Textil CA, especially Omar Sánchez, who perpetrated the act with the consent of the public services.

The president of the AN indicated that an official letter will be sent to the Moral Power, so that they establish the administrative, civil and criminal responsibilities of all those mentioned.

There is no patent to exempt responsibilities

“There has been no other president who has called for dialogue as much as Maduro with a special north that some sometimes forget, but that does not mean that it gives them a license to attack the inhabitants of this town,” he said.

“The North is not the search for impunity, it is not covering things that have affected or attacked the people of Venezuela, it is the restoration in these sectors of the opposition, from experiencing profound acts of violence to a real process of negotiation within the Constitution. and you are the living proof of how successful this permanent dialogue process has been. You are sitting there, you are representatives of this country because the people elected you », he said.

Rodríguez assured that in many of these meetings with the opposition, President Nicolás Maduro has told them to understand that you will never enter the Miraflores Palace resorting to violence,” he said. And he recalled that he also told the governors and mayors who were elected in the November 2021 elections during their meetings. «You are here because you accepted this letter -he said pointing to the National Constitution- it has been repeated many times.

In this way he insisted that this type of injustice will not be allowed in Venezuela. “The mayor acted in a mafia way because he called a kind of conciliation hearing and while they were waiting to be seen by the mayor or some official, the police were knocking down their houses. Later, at the dialogue tables, they say that they are political prisoners when in reality he is a politician who should go to jail, because he committed serious crimes against the Venezuelan people, for which they have to go to jail, he energetically sentenced.

“It would be embarrassing for each of us if after a while we looked at ourselves in a mirror and this man continued to hold the position of mayor, or that this judge or that prosecutor continued in their positions and it would be a shame if they have not been compensated. in a total way the rights violated to these brothers of Guatire».

Rodríguez assured that if a mayor of the Revolution acts in the same way, he will still have to face justice.

“Here there are deputies who are imprisoned for drug trafficking and we clear parliamentary immunity and if someone else does the same we will do it, we have to show the country that the mayor did not get away with it,” he said, referring to the case of Mayor Raziel Rodríguez.

Rodríguez asked the Plenary for the commission to remain active so that these cases continue to be followed up.

Finally, the political, civil and criminal responsibility of the mayor was approved unanimously in the Plenary of the National Assembly Raziel Rodriguezas well as against Neila Martínez, who at that time was the chief of the Zamora police, and against José Ramos and Raúl Romero, who acted together with Martínez.

exhaustive investigation

This Thursday, deputy Ricardo Molina, president of the Special Commission, presented a report to parliament on the eviction of 11 peasants from their land in the Zamora municipality of Miranda state.

He explained that in 2013 eleven families filed a complaint with the National Land Institute (INTI), about land that had been uninhabited for many years and that they requested to occupy it to produce the land and live on it.

In 2016 they received a document or INTI agrarian charters to be able to occupy and produce food on the land and for which the company Guatire Textil SA was subsequently coercing the families to leave it, despite the fact that they had the legal document.

During the debate, deputy Randi Alejandro Morales stressed that the opposition caucus supports the continuation of these actions and the establishment of responsibilities for those who acted in the eviction of the peasants.

“Just as this case was investigated, we ask that other cases be investigated about alleged abuses and ecological crimes,” he said.

Similarly, deputy Pedro Carreño said that this act of justice is part of the democratic actions that parliament must execute, under the figure of political control.

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