Jorge Montoya on Kelly Portalatino: "The cerronista quota in the Cabinet continues"

Jorge Montoya: “Congress has the responsibility to vacate not Pedro Castillo, but the corruption he represents”

The spokesman for the Renovación Popular caucus, Jorge Montoya, affirmed that Congress has the responsibility to vacate not President Pedro Castillo, but rather the “corruption he represents.”

Through his Twitter account, he indicated that the most logical thing would be for the congressmen themselves to ask for the vacancy motion to read it and sign it, and have to be looking for them to sign it.

“Congress has the responsibility to vacate not Castillo Terrones, but the corruption that he represents”he wrote on the social network.

It should be noted that the third vacancy motion against the president peter castle -promoted by the legislator Edward Málaga- reaches, up to now, at least 60 signatures.

It requires the support of 87 legislators to prosper. If approved, the Presidency of the Republic would fall on the Vice President Dina Boluarte.

Currently the 60 signatures are distributed, mainly, in the opposition blocs: Popular Force (24 congressmen), Popular Action (10), Advance Country (8), Popular Renewal (8), Alliance for Progress (7), Podemos Peru (1), Somos Peru (1) and No Agrupados (1).

Meanwhile, the left-wing blocs close to President Pedro Castillo -such as Free Peru, Magisterial Bloc, Democratic Change and Democratic Peru– have not yet signed the document.


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