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every day more appear names of pre-candidates for the Presidency 2024-30. The one who shows the most to be unfit for the function equates them. They exhibit great personal ambitions, no self-criticism and, worst of all, they launch out with a sinister sense of triumphalism.

There are men and women of dark ambitions, as well as respectable longings. Some must accept that their time has passed and others have not.

Some very old, others very green, some fox or determined by gender. Being a man or a woman or the accumulation of years should not weigh, what is decisive is the demand for the position and the set of virtues, yes, of virtues that satisfy them. We must find the right one.

Why Adolfo Ruiz Cortines? Well, because he was the character who for decades proved to be progressive and possess sobriety, firmness, wisdom and respectability. On average, he had the best grades on so many requirements that the delicate moment demanded.

If the current political generations had the sensitivity to intuit the good that adopting him as a model would do them, things would undoubtedly go better than continuing to air characters that for one or the other are to be feared once they have come to power. There are many who come from nowhere, they are little and do not know where they are going.

Don Adolfo, the name that announces political well-doing, was born in 1889 and arrived at the palace in 1952, after having been a combat captain, federal deputy, governor of Veracruz and secretary of the Interior. The most important contribution of his mandate was to give women the right to vote.

This reminder matters because only very few witnesses of those times are left alive. Unfortunately, those who are currently anxious for power do not have pertinent information, nor does the title of Don Adolfo tell them anything, nor in the end does any of this matter to them. The current leaders, will they know something about the character?

The years 1951, the campaign, and 1952, the presidential election, differ from our times in that at that time the pre-candidates exposed ideologies and interesting proposals. His speech today is distinguished by hollowness.

They were candidates and parties full of wisdom and energy: González Luna, for the PAN; Ruiz Cortines, for the PRI; Henríquez, of the Federation of Parties, or Lombardo Toledano, for the Popular. That was the political quality they offered.

President Alemán, resigned for not having achieved his ambition of being reelected, knew that he would have to play differently, accepting certain conditions. This made the power of the finger terrible. A slip could rekindle the post-revolutionary fires and cost him the unimaginable.

Failed his re-election, the pre-candidate to be favored should guarantee security to him and his intimate group. mr friend –named after a fair in a Texan town– looked for the new government to maintain protection for the national and foreign businessmen who grew up living in their sphere. Don Adolfo left him personally warming up the bank for six years.

The election was violent and with multiple irregularities clearly instigated by Henriquism. In it, Ruiz Cortines obtained 74 percent; Henríquez Guzmán of the Federation of People’s Parties 15.8; National Action, 7.82, and the Popular Party, 1.8 percent.

The political management of his administration was firm. As an example, remember that there were governors who did not agree with his nomination or government. The solution applied was to behead those from Yucatan, Guerrero, Tabasco, Chihuahua and Oaxaca. At the end of the six-year term, as one historian says, the president had 28 faithful governors out of 29 possible.

70 years later, what happened in this framework of realities that led me to identify the current Don Adolfo? Surely a lot, if the obvious caveats are granted.

1. Similarities: The first and most significant is the enormous force with which the presidential fingers would exert their decision-making power. In the midst of a storm, as never before, the great elector goes alone; his party and his allies give more uncertainties than certainties.

2. Differences: Absolutely different personalities and significant projects between a strong Don Adolfo and the opposition candidate that will result. The so-called party discipline back then was a guarantee. The current one is just expectation.

ARC, far from being irreproachable figure, already president made a severe government; in the fashion of the times, he repressed his enemies and trade unionism. He promoted the consolidation of a political system; he gave the woman the vote; he reinforced the salvageable, and discarded the central vices of Germanism.

He gave great dignity to the public exercise, he made it sober and effective. He was honest until the last day of his life; then he gained popular respect, today few remember him.

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