Jonathan del Rosario: ‘This government has neglected prevention in terms of security’

The former Vice Minister of Security, Jonathan del Rosario, deepened this Tuesday morning, October 18, on the country’s security situation.

Del Rosario indicated that in recent years there has been an exponential increase in violence which, in his opinion, is reflected in homicides.

He argued that “the effectiveness of the Public Force should not be measured based on the crimes that occur, since no one has a way to prevent all crimes at any time in the territory or during the day from some criminal act.”

He stated that what should be expected is that there is effective police action, arrests are made and work is done on security plans.

Likewise, he expressed that on the subject of homicides, it has gone from 439 homicides in 2019 to 550 in 2021, despite the pandemic and restrictions.

“This government has neglected prevention, it has been a management that has neglected prevention programs, because insecurity and violence must be addressed on all fronts, including the social front, where in addition to subsidies. it is necessary to generate roads in development that generate jobs and there is less room for crime », he said.

Given the situation of violence in Colón, he pointed out that a day-to-day work was carried out and a lot of attention was paid to it, which allowed the homicide rate and violence in Colón to drop “significantly”.

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