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Johns Hopkins University will close daily balance of covid-19

Europe Press

Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday February 12, 2023, p. 8

Madrid. Johns Hopkins University will stop updating its daily balance of victims of the covid-19 pandemic on March 10, an essential resource for hundreds of media outlets and citizens of the world seeking information on the impact of the health crisis.

Engineering professor Lauren Gardner, who launched the project with a student on March 3, 2020, described the outcome as a moment bittersweetalthough it is also appropriate to leave it.

The Coronavirus Resource Center included a detailed table of deaths and cases by collecting official data from all countries, to which it later added a count of the number of vaccines applied so far. Over the months, the web grew in importance to the point that the White House used it as a private source, while the project expanded to ultimately register more than 2.5 billion visits.

The global balance of the pandemic is 6,853,586 deaths and 672,819,081 infections, according to the university’s count.

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