John Milton Rodríguez reveals that the CNE endorsed his presidential candidacy

John Milton Rodríguez reveals that the CNE endorsed his presidential candidacy

The Christian Senator John Milton Rodriguez, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for the Colombia Justa Libres party, assured that his aspiration is still valid.

According to Rodríguez, a recent decision by the National Electoral Council (CNE) will allow you to reach the first lap which will be voted on May 29.

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The decision made by the National Electoral Council authorizes our presidential candidacy for the first round, because all the requirements of the law are met,” he said.

“Thank God, thanks to my family and all those who have accompanied us and my commitment to defend life, family and freedoms, with a very serious proposal for development, security and justice”assured.

In the most recent room of the CNE, the magistrates of the electoral court would have defeated the paper that asked to knock down his aspiration to the Presidency of the Republic.

After that, the case would have to go to another magistrate to study the process and prepare a new paper that contains the majority feeling of the members of that corporation.

Within Colombia Justa Libres the fight continues with Ricardo Arias, who was a director of the community and who in turn demanded the party’s convention where the presidential candidate was chosen.

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However, On March 10, John Milton Rodríguez received the certification that he could present himself as an applicant, which allowed him to register with the National Registry of Civil Status.

Rodríguez’s aspiration has suffered several ups and downs and therefore he has resorted to all kinds of legal tools to defend the right he has to nominate his name to the Presidency of the Republic. He even reported to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) an alleged violation of his political rights.

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