John Kelvin: Penalty for the crime of rape of a partner is up to 26 years

John Kelvin: Penalty for the crime of rape of a partner is up to 26 years

The sentence of 21 years in prison against the singer It not only involved the aggression he had against his ex-partner Dalia Durán, but also included the rape he carried out on his partner during the coexistence they had. In this regard, Correo contacted two lawyers to consult about the years of sentence for said crime.

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“Regarding the case of rape of couples, theis valued as follows: not less than twenty nor more than twenty-six years of imprisonment, “said the lawyer .

Along these lines, he explained that it should be taken into consideration if the aggressor agent takes advantage of his quality of ascendant or descendant, by consanguinity, adoption or affinity; or of a spouse, ex-spouse, cohabitant or ex-cohabitant or with the victim is maintaining or has maintained a similar relationship.

“Either he has children in common with the victim; or lives in the same home as the victim as long as there are no contractual or employment relationships; or he is a collateral relative up to the fourth degree, by consanguinity or adoption or second degree of affinity”, explained the lawyer.

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In her turn, her colleague Katty Cachay, a partner at Estudio Warthon Abogados, agreed that, for the crime of aggravated rape, the is 20 years old and a maximum of 26. “The It will be no less than 20 nor more than 26 years old, if the aggressor takes advantage of his status as a spouse, ex-spouse, cohabitant or ex-cohabitant, “he said.


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