Joe Biden believes that he would win another presidential election against Donald Trump, but has not made a decision

Joe Biden believes he will defeat former President Donald Trump in an eventual 2024 presidential bid. But he told CNN that he was not studying his chances in depth yet and will wait for the results of the November 8 midterm elections. .

“I think I can beat Donald Trump again,” Biden said, although he specified that he will return to the matter after the midterm elections, when “I will enter a decision process.”

Biden turns 80 on November 20 and is the oldest president in US history. He answered questions about his age.

“The question here is: ‘Can you really do the job?’ I’ve been asked. I think I can do it,” she stated. And he added: “Name me a president in recent history who has done as much as I have during the first two years.”

But a scenario in which Biden would face Trump again is still very remote. He has not yet started the candidacy registration period, and the former president’s political future is unknown because he faces several investigations and legal proceedings that could harm his eventual nomination.

It is not yet clear whether his popularity with broad Republican sectors will be enough for the party’s barons to decide to support him. In addition, Trump has not wanted to express himself on the matter either, although in several rallies in recent months they have appeared slogans in caps and flags calling for the vote for the former president in 2024.

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