Job call from the Post Office for customer service and administrative positions with salaries of 62 thousand pesos: the requirements

The Uruguayan Post Office announced the opening of an external open contest that seeks to cover personnel needs. He job call It is open from April 19 to May 19, and is handled exclusively through the contact channels of the state postal company, that is, not through Uruguay Concursa.

The call points to the preparation of priority lists for the purpose of accessing positions in customer service, distribution and administrative functions. No specific number of positions are announced, but the preparation of lists of up to 500 people who will be interviewed in the process to later choose the winners.

The hiring of the winners will be under a public service contract, with annual renewal subject to performance evaluation. Registrations will be made, without exceptions, through the form found in the Uruguayan Post page.

Applicants must reside within a radius of no more than 30 km from the agency to which they will be assigned, with the exception of those who apply in Montevideo.

Post office call salary

Salaries for customer service and distribution vacancies are included in Rank “S,” Grade 1. For customer service, the base salary is 23,000 pesos, but with a supplement it reaches 62,000 pesos.

For the distribution (or postman) the base salary is 23,000 pesos and supplements to reach 45,000 pesos.

For the administrative job (rank C, grade 2), the base salary is $24,800 pesos but with supplements it reaches 62,000 pesos.

Requirements of the work call of the Uruguayan Post Office

To participate in the call, you must be 18 years of age or older on the date of registration, be a natural or legal Uruguayan citizen, have proof of vote or justification of the last elections, have taken an Oath of Allegiance to the National Flag, declare under oath not be included in the legal regime prohibiting the accumulation of public positions and functions, nor receive any allowance for passiveness for the provision of services of this nature.

It is also required to have approved and completed the Basic Cycle of Secondary Education or UTU and present a Health Card with a minimum validity of 1 year, among other requirements.

Competencies required in the call

The Post announces that you must have the following skills, which will be evaluated according to an evaluation system:

  • Teamwork
  • Orientation to results
  • Customer orientation
  • Adherence to Standards and Policies
  • Adaptability and Flexibility

What will the process be like?

The evaluation of the candidates will be in charge of a Tribunal that will evaluate them in consecutive and eliminatory stages:

Stage 1 Draw by profile and listings by constituency

Stage 2: Determination of positions to be filled according to the respective constituency.

Stage 3: Background and Requirements Analysis.

Stage 4: Interview.

Stage 5: Assignment of Posts.

The call clarifies that “the dates, places and other specifications of these stages will be communicated on the Uruguayan Postal Service website”

Raffle and mail call lists

There will be different lists of participants, according to the legal quotas established in Uruguayan legislation to hold public office:

  • General List: it will include all those who are not among the applicants by legal quotas.
  • Disability List
  • Afro-descendant list
  • trans list

In its first stage, the call includes a raffle in the event that there are more than 500 participants on any list.

For more details you can see here the call of the Post.

Work call Mail by The Observer on Scribd

can also be consulted the website of Uruguay Contest.

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