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JNJ swore in Supreme Judge Roberto Burneo, who will join the Supreme Court

JNJ swore in Supreme Judge Roberto Burneo, who will join the Supreme Court

The He took the oath of law to Judge Roberto Rolando Burneo Bermejo, who was proclaimed and received his credentials as Supreme Judge.

“We are sure that Dr. Burneo will add to the institutionality of the Supreme Court, contributing to the Judiciary becoming a contemporary institution that guarantees fundamental rights, the balance of powers, political control and democratic governance”highlighted the president of the JNJ, José Ávila Herrera.

He pointed out that the country demands intellectual honesty, a sense of public responsibility; and also that its judicial decisions are truly transparent, well written and have a great impact on reality.

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“We have done everything possible to make the public competition process transparent and clean, which is why we are convinced that the independence, impartiality, honorability and trajectory of the supreme judge will be an example of that”said.

The president of the Judiciary, Elvia Barrios Alvarado, and the president of the Judicial Academy, Carlos Arias Lazarte, were present at the ceremony held at the JNJ headquarters.

The magistrate chosen through the public competition for the selection and appointment of supreme judges No. 003-2021-SN/JNJ, after being sworn in, will immediately join the Supreme Court, along with the five magistrates who were previously sworn in.

It should be remembered that Burneo Bermejo achieved 92.82 points with an additional score for disabilitymanaging to ascend to the sixth position of the list of merits of the public contest of supreme judges, with which the vacancies of the Supreme Court are completed.

In this way, the judge will join Ulises Augusto Yaya Zumaeta, Carlos Alberto Calderón Puertas, Manuel Estuardo Lujan Tupez, Emilia Bustamante Oyague and Víctor Antonio Castillo León as a member of that instance of the Judicial Power.


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