JNE warns of risks in law passed by Congress to change electoral rules

JNE warns of risks in law passed by Congress to change electoral rules

The National Elections Jury (JNE) approved a report that it sent to Congress and that warns of risks in the face of the modifications that the Congress of the Republic approved in the laws that will be in force in the municipal and regional elections of 2022.

Justices Jorge Luis Salas Arenas and Jovián Sanjinez signed the majority agreement approving the report of the (ROP) that indicates that the modification of the electoral laws will generate direct consequences that will be reflected in an “overflow” and an “overload of files”.

This week, the plenary session of Congress approved the Substitute Text of the Bill that modifies Law No. 26859, Organic Law of Elections, and Law No. 28094, Law of Political Organizations, which extends the term of affiliation and resignation of political organizations from October 3 of this year to January 5, 2022.

The JNE considers that this measure only highlights the lack of seriousness and commitment that political parties should have in the face of an electoral process such as the one that will take place next year, which does not contribute to the strengthening of democracy.

SIGHT: Confidence will be voted on the same Thursday, November 4, according to the president of Congress

It also warns that political groups may ignore the established deadlines, which weakens respect for the institutional framework of the electoral process.

Likewise, it highlights that the causes of suspension and cancellation of a political party will not be applied, so that they can maintain their current registration despite not having the minimum number of party committees or not having a sufficient number of affiliates.

“(This text) will allow keeping the current registration of those that do not have the minimum number of party committees or have a smaller number of affiliates, including having one (1) affiliate, who In addition to violating the enforceability of the regulations on the matter, it will result in the weakening of democracy, indicates the resolution of the JNE.

Due to this, the JNE agreed to approve this report and submit it to the Constitution and Regulation Commission of the Congress of the Republic for its evaluation.


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